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Technical Engineering Manager



Berlin, Germany · Remote
Posted on Friday, June 30, 2023


> Blockchains do not scale to a global user-base of seven billion people.

Core engineering at Heliax focuses on building, extending, and maintaining decentralized, permissionless, and censorship-resistant protocols in Rust. We are looking for an experienced technical engineering manager interested in leading a team to create high-quality open-source technology and solve outstanding problems in the blockchain space. As a technical engineering manager, your team will be working on distributed ledger technology implemented in Rust, all the way up and down the stack from the P2P layer to consensus algorithms, smart contract systems, proof-of-stake incentive mechanisms, interoperability protocols, and gossip networks. This role offers the chance to work closely on compelling cross-disciplinary problems in computer science, systems engineering, cryptography, and economics, and enjoy a high degree of independence in working conditions and prioritization.


  • Collaborating on sustainable open-source stewardship for the Anoma Github repository, creating contribution guidelines, reviewing public code submissions, answering community questions, and coordinating open-source collaborators along with the internal team
  • Managing engineering efforts to implement new features such as proof-of-stake and interblockchain communication, address potential performance bottlenecks, and improve internal software quality
  • Working closely with other teams in Heliax, including cryptography and distributed systems, to integrate their research into the ledger, intent gossip node, and matchmaker
  • Keeping an ever-vigilant eye on security considerations, ensuring that contributions (both internal and external) receive adequate review, and coordinating with ecosystem stakeholders to handle security incidents when they occur
  • Supporting individual engineers in their work and professional development, through knowledge sharing, regular one-on-ones, and feedback sessions


  • Experience managing engineering teams, especially ones working on a cutting-edge, complex, real-world software product with security-critical safety considerations
  • Expertise in systems design and an appropriate taste for simplicity, both in internal abstraction structure and in choice of third-party dependencies
  • Top-notch communications skills, clear written prose, and talent for working with a diverse range of contributors and users and synthesizing different perspectives
  • Experience in open-source development, stewardship, and/or maintenance, especially for a piece of software with substantial community involvement and a diverse contributor base
  • A working familiarity with the Rust programming language
  • A high degree of personal responsibility and ownership: you’ll be responsible for setting deadlines and holding yourself and your team accountable to them

Bonus Qualifications

  • Prior experience with distributed systems
  • Prior experience with network and systems engineering
  • Prior experience with database design and optimization
  • Prior experience in blockchain technology
  • Prior experience implementing cryptography


Remote or local (Zürich/Zug, Berlin). When remote, preferred if mostly located within (+/- 7 hours) Central European time zones. Ideally someone who enjoys nature and hiking 🏔️.