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Entrepreneur or Product CTO/CEO - Sapphire

Job Functions:
Software Engineering, IT
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A senior start-up leader to take our reporting software product, Sapphire, forward and build it out as an independent SaaS company.


We are looking for an experienced, flexible, self-motivated entrepreneur or senior software technical leader with technical management skills, team-building and recruiting capabilities, and a strong entrepreneurial drive.

You will take on an important leadership position with significant autonomy to build out a high-power software organization that includes front-end development, back-end maintenance, product/customer support, and administration functions.

The chosen candidate should have a strong understanding of the blockchain space, a knowledge of crypto-native profiles, and the resultant needs for wealth management, along with an understanding of wealth management and financial metrics.

You will independently tackle complex and challenging tasks while working in a modern, multi-cultural work environment with flexibility in work hours and location.


  • Recruiting technical developers to design and create UX/UI along with back-end developers to maintain a Rust database that integrates with emerging blockchain networks
  • Recruit and manage a small client-support team that will assist in onboarding, solving client problems, and gathering further client feedback.
  • The ability to manage both technical and non-technical staff is highly important.
  • Together with Dialectic, we are crafting a go-to-market strategy and sustainable SaaS revenue mechanism.


  • Entrepreneurial, self-disciplined, detail-oriented, and strong ability to adapt and evolve.
  • Strong recruiting and people management skills.
  • Previous experience as a CEO, CTO, Dev Ops Manager, or Sr. Technical Team leader is considered an asset.
  • A good eye for design and strong design principles.
  • Experience in working with teams in GitHub and other software development tools.
  • A reasonable understanding of blockchain technologies and smart contracts. Strong knowledge of the Web3/Ethereum Libraries is advantageous.
  • Good understanding of managing SaaS teams and building SaaS revenue models.
  • Capabilities to lead development teams in both mobile (React, React Native) and web development (Rust, Go) are beneficial.


The Candidate should be located in America or Europe and be able and willing to travel semi-regularly.


Founder Participation in the Company: The individual and original team will have the opportunity to earn substantial ownership of the product/business they are building out. The current V1 of the product is built, and a very strong client list is ready and waiting to onboard, so the product/company is substantially derisked, as product-market fit has been firmly established.

Competitive salary such that risk to the individual is not as high as an entrepreneur would typically bear.

Support from a very experienced crypto-native group in realizing the dream of being an entrepreneur and building out a compelling Web3 service.

High visibility and a chance to work with some of the most successful wealthy clients in the crypto space.

Autonomy and leadership in being able to choose your team and build an organization around yourself to your specifications.

Dialectic offers the best work culture:

  • Dynamic and collegiality in a small team working from all over the world in fields shaping the future of personal and wealth management.
  • As a modern employer, we offer you contemporary working conditions with a supportive entrepreneurial environment, a lot of space to develop yourself alongside the company personally, and exciting challenges that can create and accrue significant value.
  • Very competitive compensation and participation opportunities across the business.
  • Exposure to highly talented people and essential clients with unique investment profiles and significant networks in the blockchain space.

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